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Understanding Cardiometabolic Syndrome

The risk for diabetes sometimes takes decades to develop. The accumulation of dietary choices, lifestyle choices, environmental factors and your genetics eventually add up to create a high risk for bad outcomes. We call this the Metabolic Continuum because the risk continues to increase over the years if nothing is done to reverse the process.

In the past several decades we have discovered that a big factor driving the Metabolic Continuum in many individuals is a slow decrease in our body's ability to properly manage blood sugar. This results in a steady increase in insulin resistance, an increase in fat stored around the middle and the beginning of the process that leads to Type II diabetes. Eventually, this same process can result in cardiovascular disease, which often accompanies type II diabetes. The relationship between cardiovascular disease and metabolic issues is so strong that researchers and clinicians refer to this as Metabolic Syndrome or Cardiometabolic disease.

What determines your risk?

Age: The older you are, the higher the risk
Family History: Family members with early heart disease or diabetes
Cholesterol levels: Total, LDL and HDL
Triglyceride levels: These are measured with cholesterol
Blood pressure: High blood pressure puts stress on all blood vessels
Weight/Waist circumference and Body Mass Index (BMI)

Lifestyle-Your most powerful therapy

Did you know that when it comes to diabetes and related cardiometabolic disease, lifestyle changes are the most powerful risk reducing therapies?

Based upon your relative risk, your strategy will include:

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