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Dr. Allan Kurtz

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How We Can Help with Integrative Medicine

Cardio Metabolic Health

The risk for diabetes sometimes takes decades to develop. The accumulation of dietary choices, lifestyle choices, environmental factors and your genetics eventually add up to create a high risk for bad outcomes. We call this the Metabolic Continuum because the risk continues to increase over the years if nothing is done to reverse the process.
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Gastrointestinal Health

The GI tract has 4 main functions which we call the pillars of GI health. They are called pillars because they are the foundations by which the health of our GI systems are supported. Specifically, these 4 pillars are composed of digestion, elimination, microflora balance and gut integrity. When one pillar is compromised, it puts strain on the other pillars and the resulting imbalance triggers a domino effect which causes GI and non-GI related issues.
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Adrenal Fatigue Stress Management

Over time, your body's ability to adapt to stress may no longer be functioning properly due to years of working overtime. This is known as adrenal dysfunction and in these stressful times, adrenal dysfunction is becoming more and more common. We have an adrenal recovery program to help you regain the reigns of your life so you can once again enjoy a restored, renewed and revitalized life in balance!
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Detoxification Detox Your Body

Detoxification is defined as "the removal of toxic substances from the body," or a "cleansing of the body." The primary organ involved in detoxification is our liver. Our liver acts like a cleanup crew as it is the filter that toxins from the GI tract must pass through. If the liver is able to keep up with the pace of toxins being formed, they will be filtered out fast enough and never reach the rest of the body.
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Brain Degeneration

Alzheimer's disease, and Related Disorders, is used to define a group of diseases that have one thing in common -- each is a cause of mild cognitive impairment. Dementia is a progressive condition which impairs mental skills that interfere with a person's ability to function in a usual manner in his or her social, family, personal, or professional life.
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Hormone Optimization

According to the "Neuroendocrine Theory of Aging", the major cause of aging is the deterioration of controls that manifest in adult endocrine hormone deficiencies. In other words, we age because our hormones decline.
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IV (Intravenous) Nutrition Therapy

Nutrient Depletion, Fibromyalgia & Fatigue, Cancer Support, Detoxification, General Wellness.
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Labaroratory Assessments

The fundamental assumption behind functional medicine is that underlying diseases are caused by factors such as nutrients and toxins that disturb normal function. Functional medicine testing concerns itself with biochemistry, physiology, and organ function.
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