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Dr. Allan Kurtz

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Always tired? Don't feel like yourself? Can't fall asleep at night?

You may be suffering from Adrenal Fatigue!

Over time, your body's ability to adapt to stress may no longer be functioning properly due to years of working overtime. This is known as adrenal dysfunction and in these stressful times, adrenal dysfunction is becoming more and more common. We have an adrenal recovery program to help you regain the reigns of your life so you can once again enjoy a restored, renewed and revitalized life in balance!

The three general categories of adrenal dysfunction are typically defined as:

Stage 1: Hyper-Cortisol Typical symptoms that occur in this stage include feeling anxious, restless, or "wired". Current demanding and stressful situations are causing high amounts of cortisol production, but there is inadequate signaling within the HPA axis to shut-off excessive cortisol production. Inadequate diurnal rhythm may also appear in this stage, manifesting in symptoms such as having higher levels of energy at night versus during the day. This stage of HPA axis dysfunction will eventually suppress important immune functions, and will often result in increased risk of sickness.

Stage 2: Cotisol Dominant This stage can be the result of adjustments to an ongoing acute adrenal dysfunction condition or the accumulation of years of mild stress without adequate relaxation and recuperation. These individuals may have cortisol levels within the normal range, but either lack proper circadian rhythm or have reduced levels of DHEA.

Stage 3: Hypo-Cortisol This later stage of HPA dysfunction is typically associated with more severe symptoms of pain, fatigue, insomnia and depression. Test results will show depleted levels of Cortisol and DHEA (Addison's disease is the complete loss of Cortisol production). Individuals in this stage may find that even the simplest tasks are burdensome.

Through a process of physical examination, health history, lifestyle assessment and functional testing, Dr. Kurtz can determine what level of stress or fatigue you are currently experiencing, and develop recommendations to help you experience a healthy, balanced, more fulfilling life. Call Dr. Kurtz today at 818.346.1440 to discuss treatment options.