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Know Your Score - Prevent Heart Attacks & Strokes Before They Occur!

By: California Center of Longevity & Functional Medicine on September 28, 2016

The Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center of Southern California is now offering a brand new proactive, heart disease and stroke preventative testing package. This cutting edge, Know Your Score Testing Package affords Southern Californians with a never - before opportunity to truly know where you stand when it comes to heart and cardiovascular health.

Being that the best defense against a heart attack or stroke is a strong, proactive, preventative offense, Dr. Allan Kurtz, founder of the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center of Southern California has created this customized prevention package for clients who are committed to longevity and wellness through proactive, whole-body wellness measures. In other words, the Know Your Score heart disease and stroke prevention package focuses on knowledge as power when it comes to assessing your overall cardiovascular health.  

Make no mistake, this ground-breaking testing package provides invaluable information to clients of all ages who are prepared to take action now, to halt the progression of cardiovascular disease, or even prevent the onset of heart disease or stroke in the future.  The Know Your Score package offered exclusively at our Woodland Hills practice is indeed designed so that each patient is equipped to improve their health through understanding the results of Advanced Lipid Testing, Inflammation Testing, Carotid Artery Intimal Thickness Testing, and Coronary Calcium Testing.  

Here’s an overview of each test included:

Inflammation Marker Testing
Testing for inflammation of the arteries is one of the best ways to understand your risk for heart attack or stroke. By studying and analyzing highly specific markers which indicate inflammation, patients of the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center in Woodland Hills are provided with insight into potential risks for cardiovascular diseases including heart attacks and strokes.  Results are generated by the renowned Cleveland Heart Labs, and will be thoroughly explained to you by leading wellness and longevity physician Dr. Allan Kurtz.

Advanced Lipid Testing
Unlike routine LDL or HDL testing - which provides a very basic assessment of cholesterol in the body - Advanced Lipid Testing offered at our Woodland Hills practice examines specific particle numbers, and further breaks down the makeup of LDL (bad cholesterol) levels in your body.  This way you’ll know if your diet needs to be improved, if you need to increase the amount of exercise you get, or if nutritional supplements should be added, increased, or adjusted in effort to maintain optimal wellness.

Carotid Artery Intimal Thickness Testing
Also referred to as CIMT, this test includes an ultrasound of your neck, in order to accurately measure calcium deposits and the thickness of your carotid arteries.  The specific measurements are directly correlative to the potential for cardiovascular disease of different kinds, including stroke or heart attack.  

Coronary Calcium Testing
Calcium found within the coronary arteries is indicative of cardiovascular disease.  However, the early detection of its presence allows Los Angeles area patients to take immediate measures now to halt progression of cardiovascular disease, or to prevent advancement of cardiovascular conditions which can preclude a heart attack or stroke. Coronary calcium testing utilizes a pain-free CT scan in order to provide Dr. Kurtz with a clear picture of the overall health of your coronary arteries.  

In addition to having these vital tests performed, during your Know Your Score visit to the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center of Southern California, all patients will receive a comprehensive physical from Dr. Allan Kurtz, who specializes in creating ideal health and longevity plans for patients of all ages. Fellowship trained in Integrative and Functional Medicine, Dr. Kurtz is also a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and The Institute for Functional Medicine.

To schedule a timely Know Your Score testing appointment to begin taking steps to prevent heart attacks and strokes before they occur, contact us at 818-346-1440, or email us today.  The Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center of Southern California was founded in Woodland Hills, CA to aid patients throughout the greater Los Angeles area in restoring and maintaining optimal health for the long term.