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How Can I Reduce The Health Risks Of Environmental Toxins in My Body?

By: California Center of Longevity & Functional Medicine on July 28, 2015

In greater Los Angeles, CA we have countless environmental toxins around us all of the time.  Toxins come from pollution from factories, from the millions of cars on the road each day, from paint and cleaning products, from pesticides and insecticides, from heavy metals, radiation and inhalants.  As a matter of fact, protecting yourself from all of the environmental toxins prevalent in Southern California is frankly impossible.  However, there are some things you can do to give your body a boost in filtering some of the environmental toxins it absorbs each day.

At the California Center of Longevity and Functional Medicine, Dr. Allan Kurtz may suggest that a proper detoxification program can help ease the burden on your body caused by constantly filtering toxins.  Defined as  "the removal of toxic substances from the body," or a "cleansing of the body," there are many different types of detoxification programs, all designed to help the  liver with the process of eliminating toxins before they reach the GI tract.   

The liver is the primary organ involved in detoxification, which acts like a cleanup crew as it is the filter that toxins from the GI tract pass through. If the liver is functioning at an optimal level, the toxins will be filtered out quickly and never reach the rest of the body.

On the other hand, if the liver is not functioning properly, toxins will enter our circulation.  From there they will accumulate in various parts of our body and start to negatively affect various organs, including the liver, colon, kidney, heart, brain, lungs, skin, and endocrine system.

The goal of any detoxification program recommended by Dr. Kurtz is to remove, restore and revitalize your body.  If you suspect that your body is being overwhelmed by environmental toxins outside of your control, schedule a consultation with Board Certified Internist Dr. Kurtz at his Woodland Hills, CA office.  He will work with you to customize a detoxification plan that will help to cleanse your system, and restore it to its healthier function.  

At the California Center of Longevity & Functional Medicine, based in Woodland Hills, CA, Dr. Kurtz will work with you to ensure that you are getting vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins in order to create an optimal health and longevity plan.  Dr. Kurtz is fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine as well as Functional Medicine.  He is also a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and The Institute for Functional Medicine. To schedule a consultation contact us today by calling 818.346.1440