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Choosing the Natural Path: Preventing Common Colds During Flu Season in the San Fernando Valley

By: California Center of Longevity & Functional Medicine on October 21, 2015

What's easier than missing several days of work and school, making a few trips to the pharmacy for cough medicine and lozenges and spending the better part of a week achy and fatigued?

The answer is practicing a functional approach to medicine and avoiding common colds during the upcoming flu season.

The following are easy ways to keep your body healthy:

Regular exercise increases your blood flow and heart rate, naturally increasing virus-killing cells.

Eat healthy foods
Eating healthy is the ticket to longevity. Food like fruits and vegetables are rich in phytochemicals – found in plants – and fiber that help boost your immune system, getting it ready to defend the body against cold and flu viruses.

Studies show that stress directly impacts your immune system, weakening the body and making it more vulnerable to illness. Getting good sleep, practicing stress-relieving techniques and adopting a work-life balance can keep your immune system healthy and strong.

Take vitamin supplements
Taking a high-quality supplement can fill in any food-gaps for essential nutrients like B12, vitamin D, calcium and potassium.

Avoid alcohol and smoking
Alcohol is very dehydrating and can curb your immune system, making you susceptible to infections and complications from infection. Smoking weakens the immune system, which lowers your body's defense against illness-causing germs. Smoke can also damage the cilia – tiny hairs in your nose and lungs – that help prevent cold and flu viruses from entering your body.

Dr. Kurtz, at the California Center of Longevity & Functional Medicine in Woodland Hills, is Fellowship trained in both Integrative and Functional Medicine. Dr. Kurtz is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and The Institute for Functional Medicine. If you're interested in creating an optimal health and longevity game plan to prepare for the upcoming flu season, we can help you get started. To schedule a consultation, please contact us at 818-346-1440.